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Popular Press

With the release of Spaun, there has been a lot of coverage of our work in the popular press. Here's a partial collection with the most recent stories first.

Coverage of work directly using Nengo
CBC Quirks & Quarks (radio interview) Building a brain
BBC World (radio interview, opening 5s and interview starts at 11:50)
CNN - Brain model may help build human-like robot
Popular Science - Meet Spaun, The Most Complex Simulated Brain Ever
Nature - Simulated brain scores top test marks
Reddit (We also hosted an 'Ask Me Anything' (AMA), which was ranked in the top 10 Science AMAs for 2012)
National Geographic - Will we ever... simulate a brain?
LA Times - New computer model of the brain focuses on seeing and doing - Designing brain-based robots
CBC (Quirks & Quarks radio Interview) - What does the future hold? Artificial intelligence and the singularity
Science News - Simulated brain mimics human quirks
Discovery News - Artificial brain mimics human abilities and flaws
Wired (UK) - Simulated brain Spaun recognises, learns and remembers
Singularity Hub - Scientists create brain with 2.3 million neurons
Today's Science Building a brain in a box (subscription service, you can get the .pdf here).
TG Daily - Artificial brain 'Spaun' passes IQ tests
Ars Technica - Model brain with 2.5 million neurons configures itself to solve problems
Huffington Post - Artificial Brain: 'Spaun' Software Model Mimics Abilities, Flaws Of Human Brain
Gizmodo - The Most Realistic Artificial Brain Has a Mind of Its Own
ExtremeTech - Spaun, the most realistic artificial human brain yet
Newsy (video news report) - Scientists Create Most Advanced Simulated Brain
Communications of the ACM - A more human artificial brain
VR Zone - Neuroscientist creates a large scale model of a functioning brain - Canadian scientists create a functioning, virtual brain
Science Recorder - Researchers create the world’s largest working brain model
Globe and Mail - Meet Spaun: the world’s biggest brain that works
Les Affaires - Des ordinateurs qui imitent notre cerveau
CTV News - (Video Interview) Scientists in Waterloo, Ont. develop virtual brain (video)
Singularity Blog - (Video Interview) Chris Eliasmith on Singularity 1 on 1: We Have Not Yet Learned What The Brain Has To Teach Us! (video & audio)
McGill Daily - The rise of the brain-bots
Calgary Herald - Scientists create functioning, virtual brain that can write, remember lists and even pass basic IQ test
Kitchener Record - Brain simulator could provide insight to damage, diseases, local researchers say
Ottawa Citizen - Team builds functional, working brain
The Register - Scientists build largest ever computerized brain
Vancouver Sun
The Richard Brown Show - (Radio interview) Recreating the human brain
The Star Phoenix - Scientists build a virtual brain
Der Spiegel (Germany's premier newspaper) - Bereit für den Intelligenztest
Radio-Canada - Spaun, le cerveau artificiel (French canadian) (German CNN) - Maschine ahmt Mensch nach
Folha de S. Paulo (Brazil's largest newspaper)
Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Swiss newspaper)
El Pais (the leading newspaper in Spain) - Lo último en cerebros de silicio
QQ (Chinese)
ifanr (Chinese) - Human Brain Model Recognizes, Writes, and Remembers
IEEE Spectrum - Brain Model Connects Neurons to Behavior - Spaun, the new human brain simulator, can carry out tasks
Exchange Magazine - Waterloo researchers create world's largest functioning model of the brain
Richard Dawkins Foundation
Big Think / Neurobonkers - A conversation with the creators of the world's largest functioning model of the human brain
Science blogs - Greg Laden's blog
Prosa - Researchers now build a brain (Danish, pp. 24-26)
Human's Invent - The largest simulation of a functioning brain
The Weekly Weinersmith podcast - Episode 37: Trevor Bekolay on Spaun, a large-scale simulated brain
The Prism - (Radio interview) Canadian Scientists Work to Build A Thinking Computer
Médecine Sciences Amérique - (French) SPAUN : le premier cerveau artificiel aux comportements humains

Coverage of work related to ours (stories we were interviewed for)
UMich EngineeringDesigning Intelligence: Can we create machines who learn like we do?
LiveScience How Real-Life AI Rivals 'Ultron': Computers Learn to Learn
CBC The National Tesla's Elon Musk warns about artificial intelligence
The Record University 'Brain Camp' Showcases Robots
New York Times Science Times Podcast (scroll down) Virtualizing Our Bodies
Biomedical Computation Review Behind the Connectome Commotion (section on Simulating a Human Connectome: Spaun)
The KW Record UW prof teaches readers how to build a brain
Nature News - Neuroelectronics: Smart Connections
Popular Science - Software learns to crack CAPTCHAs
Sky News - Replicating the brain
CBC - Ethics of AI
Nature - Fragment of rat brain simulated in supercomputer
Science Magazine - Virtual rat brain fails to impress critics