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Frequently Asked Questions

Starting out

What should I do first?

Why is Nengo different from other neural simulators?

Does Nengo support traditional neural modelling?

Model building

How do I get spiking neurons to perform function X?

Can I do learning in Nengo?

How do I use regular connection weight matrices that I can change by hand?

Nengo workspace GUI

How do I fix my network view if it gets zoomed out too far?

How do I fix problems dragging/zooming on my Mac?

Interactive Plots

How do I learn how to use these plots?

How can I define input easily in interactive plots?

How can I save the output I see in interactive plots?

Can I get a .pdf of the network I'm running?

Python Scripting

How do I import a Python or Java library?

How do can I specify a particular set of encoding vectors?

How do I run a Nengo Python script from the command line?

Matlab plots

Can I get rid of all that whitespace around a plot?

Additional help

Where do I find more complete documation?

Is there a person I can ask a question about Nengo?